Essential High End BBQ Tool Sets

Grilling excellence begins with the simple things: a choice cut of meat, a grill that can do it all, and top-of-the-line cooking tools. BBQ Tool Sets are convenient and versatile and give you all the pro level advantages of a world class chef. Utensils like these may seem basic but they’re anything but — a fully stocked tool set gives you the ability to do more than you’ve ever dreamed of when it comes to cooking up a meal outdoors.

Gourmet Knives for Grillmasters

Nothing sets up the at-home chef for grilling success like a quality knife. Whether you’re preparing a fresh cut of meat or chopping up vegetables for a seasonal side dish, a well-made knife can make or break your outdoor cooking process. (With the holiday season fast approaching, you’ll want to bookmark this blog when you’re putting together a shopping list for the grillmaster in your life.) Because our grills are top-of-the-line, we believe your cooking utensils should be equally as capable. That’s why created this roundup of professional-quality knives for every price range — from daily use to heirloom gift ideas.

Celebrate Labor Day with Chicken on the Grill

To celebrate Labor Day, we’re throwing some chicken on the grill. After all, there’s nothing quite like the smoky, wood-fired taste of chicken cooked outdoors. With our grills, you get more options. You can throw a juicy chicken breast on the grill or you can opt for our Concealed Heavy Duty Rotisserie System. Our optional rotisserie boasts a fully-integrated motor and can handle up to 100 lbs., making it ideal for backyard BBQs or large family gatherings. In fact, you can cook for a big party easily — without being stuck in front of the grill — because the rotisserie does the work for you. The chain-driven design guarantees consistent, uniform rotation so you can get restaurant or shop-style rotisserie in your very own home.

Of course, once you’ve got your own rotisserie, the possibilities are pretty much endless. That’s why we’re sharing a few of our favorite recipes — for both rotisserie and the grill. Start your grills and start celebrating!

How to Make Beer Can Chicken

The steam from the beer gives the meat a distinctive, delicious flavor while keeping it moist and tender. The can helps, too, keeping the bird from falling over or roasting up unevenly — it’s minimal effort for maximum taste. Of course, you can work up a sweat grilling, so why not pop open a brew while you work? Here’s how easy it is to make this essential summer dish.

How to Get Perfect Sear Marks

Serious grillers know the value of a good sear mark. It’s a mark of quality, a way of showing you know what you’re doing, and we swear it makes whatever you’re cooking up taste just that little bit better.

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