A Rotisserie Turkey is succulent, full of fabulous flavor and so delicious! It turns out tender and juicy every time.  You can rotisserie your turkey, chickens, even Cornish game hens, just remember to place a metal pan under the turkey while on the rotisserie, to catch any drippings.  The drippings can be used to prepare a gravy by mixing in about 1/2 cup chicken broth as the drippings begin to accumulate, and adding more broth as necessary to prevent the drippings from scorching.  Also, you can cover the wings with aluminum foil if they begin to burn too early in the cooking process.


Your Twin Eagles Grill is the perfect place to cook mushrooms…

because mushrooms contain a high percentage of water and the grill offers intense heat, evaporating the moisture and making the mushroom flavor shine.

The trick to grilling mushrooms is knowing the best method for the size of the mushrooms you’re cooking. You can grill any sized mushroom, but you’ll need to choose between a foil packet, a grill pan or direct grilling.

Large portabella and trumpet royale mushrooms should be grilled directly on the grates, as they won’t slip through. Oyster mushrooms and other delicate varieties are best in a foil packet and traditional button mushrooms are best cooked on a skewer or in a sauté pan right on the grill.

Mushrooms should never be washed, as they absorb water, so just gently brush off any debris using a paper towel. I like to marinate the bigger mushrooms in balsamic vinegar and olive oil for a few minutes before grilling or drizzle with olive oil and your favorite dry rub right on the grill for meaty mushroom goodness~