Grilled Bratwurst with Homemade Sauerkraut

Bratwurst are usually purchased precooked, so simmering them in beer and then grilling them makes for deliciously juicy sausages with a crisp crust…Yum! My homemade, sweet and spicy sauerkraut is quick and simple to make but do plan to make it a day ahead for the best flavor.

Grilled Lemon Rosemary Chicken

This pungent marinade needs a day to permeate the chicken…but you’ll see that it’s so worth it once you taste the grilled goodness! You’ll need a brick (wrapped in foil), a slat block or a cast iron skillet to weigh the chicken down on the grill. For a delicious, edible garnish, char a bunch of grapes on the grill for just 30-seconds at the end of grilling and use them to adorn the platter with the chicken.

A Grilled Pizza Party

A Grilled Pizza Party is the perfect way to get your friends, guests or kids involved in dinner! Prepare the pizza dough the day before or purchase prepared pizza dough from your local Pizzeria, Italian market or restaurant. Have each guest stretch the dough, (Don’t worry about perfect round pizzas—these are supposed to be rustic!), throw the dough onto the grill, top it with cheese and toppings and grill away.