Five Nonalcoholic Cocktails for your Spring Outdoor Cookout

Whether you’re hosting a springtime celebration or just enjoying the return of birdsong and budding leaves, delectable fresh beverages are essential for any outdoor gathering’s menu. Grill up brunch, lunch, dinner, or hors d’oeuvres and let these tantalizing nonalcoholic cocktails serve as a refreshing treat. They’re perfect for bridal showers, family parties, or just soaking up the sunshine on a spring weekend day. Read on for our five favorite spring mocktail recipes.

Outdoor Kitchen Design Spotlight: Divine Nature Landscape Design 

Johnna Brooks of Divine Nature Landscape in Los Altos, CA specializes in low maintenance elegant outdoor living spaces. She launched her own landscape design business in 2011 and has approximately fifteen years of experience in the industry. Her designs are especially suited for area homeowners because of her focus on implementing low water use gardens and using unique plant material to create eminently livable outdoor spaces in a range of designs, from English cottage gardens to understated backyards featuring native Californian flora.

We sat down with Johnna to learn more about her recent work in outdoor kitchen design and why she chooses Twin Eagles grills for her family-friendly spaces.


Outdoor Entertaining for Spring


At last, the skies are blue, new leaves are beginning to appear, and the weather is warm. Spring is here! There’s nothing quite like that first spring meal outdoors, enjoying the beauty and the bounty of the season with friends and family. Make it your best grilling season yet with these six outdoor entertaining essentials that will transform your patio into a five star culinary experience.