How to Make Beer Can Chicken

The steam from the beer gives the meat a distinctive, delicious flavor while keeping it moist and tender. The can helps, too, keeping the bird from falling over or roasting up unevenly — it’s minimal effort for maximum taste. Of course, you can work up a sweat grilling, so why not pop open a brew while you work? Here’s how easy it is to make this essential summer dish.

How to Get Perfect Sear Marks

Serious grillers know the value of a good sear mark. It’s a mark of quality, a way of showing you know what you’re doing, and we swear it makes whatever you’re cooking up taste just that little bit better.

2017 Backyard Design Trends

Outdoor design is constantly evolving. In recent years, interior design has gone outdoors, which means backyard living spaces have changed dramatically from the bygone era of a few lawn chairs, a grill, and a patio umbrella. These days, it’s about making a statement with distinctive design and providing all the upscale amenities of your indoor rooms, with a focus on relaxing, enjoying the weather, and spending time with your favorite people. If you regularly flip through design magazines or tour upscale open houses you’ll recognize a few of these cool, contemporary design features.

Grilling Recipes with Chef Jamie Gwen

Earlier this week Twin Eagles partner Chef Jamie Gwen dropped by the top-rated KTLA morning show to talk 4th of July grilling tips and recipes. She cooked up some unique takes on summer classics on a top-of-the-line Twin Eagles grill; from mouthwatering desserts to her tantalizing spin on the classic bacon cheeseburger, you’ll find something to appeal to every guest on your summer party invite list. Chef Jamie even grilled up a salad and served up refreshing family-friendly drinks. If you missed the morning show segments, you can still give your menu a little boost by checking out the KTLA segments on their website.