Design Questions to Keep in Mind When Creating an Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is a permanent installation that allows homeowners to entertain outside. It also adds value to the residence. To have an outdoor kitchen is a commitment — one that requires thorough planning and conversations with a professional who can guide you to a design suited to your lifestyle. We take a look at some questions you should be asking when visualizing your future outdoor kitchen.

Do you want to utilize indoor-outdoor living?

If space permits, there are several options for where you’d like your kitchen installed. If you would like the option to continue using your indoor amenities, you may consider having your outdoor setup closer to the patio door. Consider adding the Warming Drawer to keep what was cooked indoors ready-to-eat as you grill outside. If indoor-outdoor benefits are not a priority and you’d like to build a custom kitchen island away from the patio, it would be ideal to include a 24” Outdoor Refrigerator, Trash Chute, and/or a 24” Drop-In Outdoor Cooler. Having these convenient outdoor appliances will save you time and allow you to entertain outside without any distractions.

What are your lifestyle needs?

When envisioning your outdoor kitchen, who do you see yourself sharing it with? Whether the dream is to have intimate dinners with your family or host large parties for your whole neighborhood, these specifications will determine what add-ons you need. For example, installing the 30” Outdoor Bar on one side of your kitchen provides a place to gather and entertain with friends and family.

How much storage do you need?

After determining your lifestyle needs, plan out your storage and do not underestimate the amount of space you’ll need to accommodate your experience. From a quaint grill island to a large L-shaped fully equipped kitchen, our variety of access doors and drawers provides a range of sizes that suit your storage needs.

What are you cooking?

Most homeowners already have an idea of what size built-in grill they’d like in their outdoor kitchen. Keep in mind what else you would like to cook outdoors when planning your new space. The Salamangrill is a great fit if you picture sharing pizza or searing juicy steaks in record time. For round-the-clock enjoyment, the Dine & Breakfast Club does it all. From pancakes and omelets in the morning to grilled cheese and sautéed vegetables at dinner, cook maximum amount of food with minimal effort.


Grilled Baba Ganoush

This delicious eggplant dip is made smoky and delicious by charring the eggplants on your Twin Eagles grill! Serve the dip warm with Pita bread, olives, tomato wedges, and cucumber slices.

Spicy Sesame Grilled Shrimp

There are so many ways to serve this delicious and tangy shrimp recipe. Serve with a Pineapple Salsa (made from chopped fresh pineapples, red onion, and cilantro), or with an easy-to-prepare Cous Cous salad, made with toasted almonds and currants.

Dante Cantal Receives the 2017 Donna H. Myers Award

Twin Eagles is pleased to announce our founder, Dante Cantal, was awarded the prestigious Donna H. Myers Barbecue Leadership Award at the HPBExpo 2017! The award recognizes innovative leaders who have contributed to the growth of their companies and made a lasting impact to the barbecue industry.